8:30 pm20:30

Words and Music

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Presenting the unique bond between composer Morton Feldman and writer Samuel Beckett, Morton Feldman Chamber Players examine the relationship between words and music . . . a relationship that is complementary and contradictory, amicable and hostile . . . Both works intimately explore abstract failures, and ultimately, those failures as the hidden goal of humanity.

SAMUEL BECKETT (music by MORTON FELDMAN): Words and Music
SAMUEL BECKETT (music by BRIAN PENKROT): Cascando, a radio play


7:00 pm19:00

The Samuel Beckett Connection

  • Experimental Sound Studio

In exploration of the connection between Samuel Beckett and Morton Feldman, MFCP presents the radio plays of Samuel Beckett: Words and Music originally set by the music of Feldman, and Cascando with new music from composer Brian Penkrot.

8:00 pm20:00

Palais de Mari, Music & Memory

  • Experimental Sound Studio

Link to ESS event.

Pianist Adam Tendler has led a colorful career, from a 50-state grassroots recital tour of American piano music (88x50), to realizing the feat of performing modern works from memory, like John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, and here for this event, Feldman’s Palais de Mari. A professor of Sound and Liberal Arts at the School of the Art Institute, Robert Snyder is the author of Music and Memory (MIT Press). A pianist and composer, Andy Costello is the founder and executive director of the Morton Feldman Chamber Players.

Andy Costello will begin the event with a performance of Trivia Surreal (2013) by Keith Kusterer.

The Morton Feldman Chamber Players, in partnership with Experimental Sound Studio, and with support from the Amphion Foundation, are hosting this free event.

The discussion portion of the event warmly welcomes audience participation.

8:30 pm20:30

TRIO (1980)

Constellation Chicago
3111 North Western Ave

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EARLE BROWN: 4 Systems (1954)

Myra Hinrichs, violin
Mira Luxion, cello
Andy Costello, piano

Run Time: App. 1.5 hours, no intermission

Produced with support from the Earle Brown Music Foundation, www.earle-brown.org.

8:00 pm20:00


  • Constellation

Music by (mostly) Chicago-based composers, stylistically or philosophically connected to Morton Feldman's music.

Link to Constellation.

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ANTHONY DONOFRIO - [new work] for cello, piano & voice*
JACOB GOTLIB - [new work] for piano, trombone & tuba*
MORGAN KRAUSS - [new work] for mezzo soprano & piano*
DREW BAKER - National Anthem, for piano solo
THOMAS CARR - Close Spaces, for violin, clarinet & piano
MARTI EPSTEIN - Lazy Susan, for cello & piano
DAVID GRANT - For, for piano solo
RYAN PACKARD - 100 Watt Tungsten Incandescent, for Bb clarinet & 7 string electric guitar
JOHN REA - Traumerei: To Morton Feldman, from Las Meninas, for piano solo

*denotes world premiere

Drew Baker - piano
Kayleigh Butcher - voice
Andy Costello - piano
Jeff Kimmel - clarinet
Shawn Lucas - guitar
Mira Luxion - cello
Beth McDonald - tuba
Weston Olencki - trombone
Andrew Tham - head worship

8:00 pm20:00


  • Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)

Panel discussion on Three Voices, featuring soprano Charlotte Mundy, and members of Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble.  Quince performs Three Voices as a trio, on October 24th and 25th, at University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin, and Kent State University, respectively.  Charlotte Mundy performs Three Voices as a soloist with tape, on November 5th, at Constellation in Chicago.  MFCP founder and director, Andy Costello will lead the discussion.

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